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Favorite Paranormal/Horror - Hollowing Screams

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At an early age, Barbara experienced what she referred to as – supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares. Barbara ultimately incorporated her visions into several of her writings. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations - leading the reader into a world of the unknown.

Hollowing Screams Book Reviews

Saturday, April 07, 2012

"Six-Pack of Blood" Award Winning Paranormal/Horror - Download Free April 7th through the 9th

A few reviews Betty and I are quite proud of;

"This is a feast expertly cooked up by master chefs venturing into the dark side designed to leave us captivated, enthralled and horrified. The perfect dish to accompany your six-pack...or if you prefer, a fine wine." - Armand Mastroianni, Producer/Director, Silver Screen Pictures, Hollywood

"I know Betty Dravis as a multi-genre writer, but no matter what genre she writes in, make no mistake, Betty's a treasure, far as I'm concerned. This collection is special because it offers you a glimpse into the 'other' mind and character of this author." - John Locke, famous creator of the fictional character Donovan Creed and the first self-published author to sell a million e-books.

"Gritty, fast-paced and exciting, SIX-PACK OF BLOOD is a unique, in-your-face anthology that rises above the pack. Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins make a great team in the horror genre." - Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine

"Paranormal thriller writer Barbara Watkins is the Queen of Terror of the Creepy and Supernatural. If you want spine-tingling stories, read her work and keep the lights on! - Lia Scott Price, Book/Screenwriter and Horror Film Producer

"I always think of Betty Dravis as a celebrity interviewer and a fine writer, but have never read her darker writing...until now. Both she and Barbara Watkins have a true grip on this genre. Six-Pack of Blood is a page turner. Hold onto your seats, you're in for another Fright Night!" - William Lashbrook and Katherin Kovin-Pacino, Actress/Producer

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