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At an early age, Barbara experienced what she referred to as – supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares. Barbara ultimately incorporated her visions into several of her writings. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations - leading the reader into a world of the unknown.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons

“Delightfully Entertaining”

The multi-talented Betty Dravis brings it to the table with this exceptional piece of literary work! Dravis shares with her readers an inside look into her life as a journalist. Her celebrity interviews are genuine, entertaining, and the list goes on. I actually laughed out loud several times at her expense – although I do believe that is what the author intended to have happen. When the author describes getting ready for her interview with the great ‘Clint Eastwood’ aka ‘Dirty Harry,’ she shares with the reader every heart thumping, nerve rattling moment – from having a disastrous hair day, to the embarrassment of having to do the interview without a professional photographer. Nevertheless, Betty, with all her charm and wit, rose above the obstacles and achieved one of the first, and probably the most genuine interview that the rising star, Mr. Eastwood, would give at that time.

Follow the author along as she interviews such celebrities as the late mega star, ‘Jane Russell,’ Singer/Actress, ‘Tonya Tucker’ and Actress ‘Ann sothem’ as well as influential political leaders, Mayor ‘Joseph Alioto’ and the late Senator ‘Ted Kennedy.’

‘John Locke,’ the legendary first self-published author to sell a million books happily granted Dravis the foreword, “This collection is special for another reason. It offers you a glimpse into the mind and character of the author herself. Make no mistake, Betty’s a charmer! High – spirited and full of energy, she’s a treasure, far as I’m concerned, and her wit, charm, and self-deprecating humor is evident in these unique and personal stories.”

Betty Dravis is a retired, award winning California journalist and newspaper publisher who hosted a Cable TV talk show. Her lists of literary works include, ‘Dream Reachers’ ‘Dream Reachers 2’ ‘1106 Grand Boulevard’ ‘The Toonies Invade Silicone Valley’ and ‘Millennium Babe: The Prophecy, a supernatural mystery adventure.

Betty has been quoted as saying, “It’s exhilarating – like sliding down a rainbow with a huge smile on my face, filled with love for the whole of God’s magnificent creation.” She laughs as she adds: “Yeah…and marketing is like trudging through a field of ‘chewed bubblegum on a hot, sticky day.”

Betty Dravis – astounding author and a loving human being.

I give five enormous stars to ‘Star Struck’ Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons.

Review by, Barbara Watkins

1 comment:

Betty Dravis said...

What an outstanding review of my book, Barbara. I'm so glad a writer of your caliber enjoyed it so much.

I really enjoy browsing your website and learning more about you and your books. HOLLOWING SCREAMS is my fave book written by you. Love that trailer.

Best with all your works, hon, and can't wait to see the films produced by Zodiac Entertainment.

Hugs - Betty Dravis