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At an early age, Barbara experienced what she referred to as – supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares. Barbara ultimately incorporated her visions into several of her writings. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations - leading the reader into a world of the unknown.

Hollowing Screams Book Reviews

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Accountable to None

Title: Accountable to None
Author: Ashley Fontainne
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages 154

“It’s Not Revenge She’s After – It’s a Reckoning”

Accountable to None, by Ashley Fontainne, is more than just a tale about revenge – much more. It is a story about the human spirit – the human endurance structure that is woven throughout each and every one of us. There comes a time in all of our lives when we feel that we have been victimized in one way or another. Do we select to seek out revenge – or do we simply choose to forgive our attacker? Justice must always be served!

Audra is a beautiful and intelligent CPA at an accounting firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Her boss, Olin Kemper, is a belligerent, power seeking, maniacal sex-crazed maniac. Upon being lured into a meeting with him on the assumption of a possible promotion, he sexually assaults her while others turn a blind eye. I will not get into details, as I want the reader to experience first hand the authors’ realistic description of this horrific event.

Fast-forward and we find Audra is now head of the IT department. Using her computer skills, she hacks into their security system looking for anything that will incriminate those responsible for her suffering. This is where the story strikes a dramatic turn of events.

In ‘Accountable to None’, Ashley Fontainne weaves a suspenseful tale of murder, revenge and justice – perfectly balanced.

I give Five Stars to this spellbinding thriller. Bravo!

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