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At an early age, Barbara experienced what she referred to as – supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares. Barbara ultimately incorporated her visions into several of her writings. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations - leading the reader into a world of the unknown.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Power of Prayer

It's true what they say, when one door closes - another door opens. Three years ago I finished my first full length novel, Hollowing Screams, and began the process of submitting to literary agents and editors. I received several e-mails back from agents wanting a partial. The the answer was always, "It just isn't right for us" or "It just doesn't fit our needs at this time." Then it happened - a new and upcoming publishing house accepted my work and offered me a contract. However, my excitement was short lived. Negotiations on the contract fell through and I was back to square one. Feeling somewhat depressed at the notion that I may never see my manuscript come to print, I began to pray - some people might call it meditation, I call it prayer. I ask 'God' for some sort of sign, to give me a reason to keep trying. I questioned myself as to if my writing really had any merit at all. A few days passed by and I received another request, this time from a wonderful and talented young man by the name of, Dimi Nakov, at Zodiac Entertainment. A few days later I signed contracts with him for screenplay/film rights to not one, but all of my works. A few days later I received a contract with an offer to publish Hollowing Screams through, R.J.B. Publishing. I'm excited to say the contract was more than fair!

Some people would say what happened was all just a coincidence - as for myself, I know the power of prayer is undeniable. I will continue to put pen to paper - to share my love of storytelling. Do I believe that my prayers will always deliver what I ask for? No - but I do believe I will always receive an answer...       

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