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At an early age, Barbara experienced what she referred to as – supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares. Barbara ultimately incorporated her visions into several of her writings. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations - leading the reader into a world of the unknown.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nightmares&Daydreams: Review by 'Fran Lewis'

Take five journeys into five different worlds with characters that will haunt your dreams and make you shudder as your read Nightmares and Daydreams an anthology of short stories that will ever make you wish you had eyes in the back of your head. A ghostly child who needs a final resting place, a mother who gives up her child and makes a pact with the devil to spare his life, a woman who knows how to get revenge on her unfaithful husband in a creative way, a conniving woman who cons a her lover and a wind up jester doll that proves deadly. What do all five of these events have in common: they were created from the mind and imagination of author Barbara Watkins in this amazing book that makes the shows on the Science Fiction Channel pale in comparison.

The lives of many people are never going to be the same. As you enter the world of each of the characters in all five stories in this spellbinding book of fear, revenge, hope and uncertainty, you and the characters will forever enter the world of Nightmares and Daydreams created by author Barbara Watkins. Which of these events are real, which are total imagination and which will forever make you look behind you, in front of you and question your sanity? You will have to read these stories and decide for yourself.

This book is paranormal of the highest quality and would make Hitchcock and his movies pale in comparison to the stories that have been woven by this amazing and creative author.

Would you live in a house that is haunted by a spirit of a young child? Would you wonder whom your young child of five was speaking to in her room or outside in the yard if you saw no one else there? Barbara and Jim Delarose decided to buy a magnificent Victorian Home that Barbara was drawn to at first sight. Moving in they created a warm and safe atmosphere, so they thought for their five-year-old daughter, Katie.

The sounds of a young child screaming awaken Barbara in the middle of the night and she goes searching to find out where they were coming from and who was crying out in pain. Thinking it was Katie she is surprised to see her fast asleep. Jim, her husband could not sleep and went down to the kitchen for some tea and comes face to face with a young child or was it a specter? Both events leave them shaken and frightened, but what happens after will surely put fear in your heart and make you wonder why they didn’t just pack up and leave.

Barbara, who is having a child gives birth early and soon after learns the truth behind the voices they hear, the vision that they see and the reason why this unsettled spirit is living in their home. Who was this young child, what relationship does she have to the former owners and why hasn’t she found her final resting place? Read Awaken Spirit and find out for yourself.

Passage Way to Hell brings to light the horrifying experiences of a young child who is abused by her foster parents and the revenge she sought to escape them. Placed in another home, Alexandra has two loving parents only to find herself, in a more horrific situation and place six years later.

A young man reads a letter written by his long lost mother explaining how she sold her soul to the devil to keep him alive. Reliving the events I am about to describe this poor woman’s soul is forever bound and tortured and tormented in a place called Hellion.

The train ride that brought her to this town called Hellion will make you realize how much our social service system has to screen foster parents before placing a child in a home that might be unsafe. Alexandra did not know it when she wound up in this town of sad, unhappy and strange people that the torment and pain that was inflicted upon her before, was nothing compared to what she would face in the future.

Demonic people, sadistic and coldblooded, she enters a world of vampires, demons might never escape. Who are these people and how did they learn about her past life? Why did she have to succumb to what they wanted and why would she allow herself to face abuse once more? But, a letter she found in her pocket would explain everything. Some things come full circle and just when you think you have made it out: Welcome to Hellion: Don’t Try to Escape! Rod Sterling could have used this story as an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Could a doll hold be possessed with spirits that can control your destiny and keep you safe? Would giving that doll to a friend or charity unleash events that will cause you to question whether evil spirits can become unleashed when you least expect them?

In the story Spirits of the Jester, a dying woman presents Tara with a doll that she says she must never give away until she dies. If she does what will happen will not only be horrific and she will jeopardize the safety and welfare of her family and close friends.

Two friends who are preparing to have a yard sale to rid themselves of things that they no longer need or want. But, one was warned never to give away one specific object or face the consequences: One Jester Doll: The simple act of kindness to a friend will cost Tara more than she ever expected.

One dream that might become a reality when Tara foretells the future and sees what happens when she gives away the jester to her friend for her young child and begins to believe in the prophecy that the old woman told her before she died. What does happen will make you wonder whether objects really do have spirits within them that can control your destiny. Do curses and evil spirits really exist? Read this story and you decide for yourself. This story is truly thought provoking and mind stimulating and keep you wondering for a long time. What is often the truth and you think is real, is not. Or is it?

Nothing is as dangerous as a woman scorned and coming face to face with her husband’s lover. In the story Deadly Addictions, the author creates a story that every woman who was every betrayed might identify with, but hopefully not imitate. How far will you go to right a wrong when you find out your husband has been unfaithful more than one time? Just what lesson will you teach not only him but his paramour too? Find out what one woman does with the help of the right people to avenge a wrong. How would you feel if you were at a dinner and your husband’s lover flaunted herself in your face? Would you take it lightly? Ever hear of burying yourself in your work? Read the story and find out what that means.

The last story will leave you wondering just how smart a man really is not. Nick is prominent attorney whose one night stand in the story A Scandalous Night In Vegas could cost him his freedom as a single man and turn him into an instant father. According to this girl she was the soon to be father of her child. Never bothering to discount what she said and meeting with her doctor, he agrees to pay her off and rid himself of her forever, But, the events that unfold afterwards will either make you laugh at the naivety of this supposedly smart man, or the shrewdness of this clever and brazen woman. How she gets away with his one million dollars and who helps her with this scam you will not believe. Events often come full circle and sometimes the accomplice gets what he/she deserves. You decide in this story that really proves that when a woman really wants something she will do anything to get it.

Interspersed are four poems that bind the stories together with their common theme of torment, fear, facing demons, learning to deal with pain and hoping to find a final place to rest after leaving this world. The third poem embraces the differences person has and has the author call for everyone to embrace the present and the future and save mankind. But can anyone in these stories do that or is it too late?

The reader is taken on five different journeys yet they are all the same. Evil comes in many different forms and in many different places. Would you sell you soul to the devil to spare your child’s life? Would you listen and believe the prophecy of an old woman? How far would you go to teach a man a lesson at the two women did in the last two stories? Would you remain in a house with a ghost?

This is a very compelling and thought provoking book with excellent plot lines and that unique and different from most paranormal and psychological thrillers today.

I would give this book: Five Red Stars

Fran Lewis: Reviewer and Author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious

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